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EFWA 2024 hosts largest international sustainable fashion week

Eco Fashion Week Australia (EFWA) 2024 is hosting the largest international sustainable fashion week and art exhibition, championing the awareness of global climate change.

Titled “Closet of the Anthropocene,” their third international event will include a series of fashion runway shows and exhibitions at various art galleries starting in November 2024.

“Anthropocene” defines a new geological epoch or planetary era in which human activity impacts the ecological balance of the planet and is the main driver of change, on a global scale.

Above Photo: The Face of EFWA 2022, Talisha Lee-Karuthiru. | Zuhal Kuvan-Mills

EFWA 2022 Swan Valley
Human activity impacts the ecological balance of our planet, especially wildlife.

Fashion artists invited to exhibit

EFWA 2024 will explore this geological era and its implications on design, textiles, art and fashion disciplines. 

For the past several years, the luxury fashion industry has focused on their sustainability practices which has become top of mind with consumers as to the impact of manufacturing on our planet. 

The festival will bring together over 50 international and Australian fashion artists using sustainable textiles and fabrics. Plus examine the relationships between fashion and geology, and the future of Anthropocene.

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Western Australia
Western Australia’s natural beauty will host EFWA 2022. | Photo by Rene Regal on UnSplash

Swan Valley to host EFWA 2024

The fashion shows are held in Swan Valley region followed by art exhibitions in Fremantle, Geraldton and Bunbury, Western Australia.

”I hope that visitors who view our shows and exhibitions will think deeply about the beauty of our world and how important it is for us to protect it,” said Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, Visual Artist, Curator and Founder of EFWA which is based in Western Australia. “We have a responsibility as fashion artists and consumers, to do our part in protecting our planet.” 

EFWA’ Closet of Anthropocene will faciliate a discussion with artist and consumers on waste, pollution, consumption and environmental destruction. Also make a call for optimism with new ways of imagining a vibrant fashion future.

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Updated: This story has been updated with EFWA scheduled in November 2024.

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