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Top fashion looks from VFW FW24

Last weekend, I was privileged to sit in the front row at Vancouver Fashion Week. I was excited to capture the top fashion looks from VFW FW24, featuring the best upcoming Canadian and international designers showcasing their unique styles and creativity.

After judiciously attending the fashion runway shows during the weekend and reviewing their collections, I have meticulously handpicked my all-time favourite top fashion looks. 

Above image: Jean Delacroix

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Top Fashion Looks from VFW FW24
Jumper Zhang at Vancouver Fashion Week FW24.

These selections were made after considering many factors, including design, fabric quality, and uniqueness. My top picks will provide unparalleled inspiration and insight into the latest fashion trends. I am thrilled to share designer profiles in the days ahead, sparking anticipation for the unique insights and inspirations they will bring.

Eduardo Ramos VFW FW24
Eduardo Ramos at Vancouver Fashion Week FW24.

VFW is a rapidly growing event that seeks to showcase diverse, award-winning designers from over 25 fashion capitals worldwide. The event is known for its inclusivity and innovative approach to fashion. 

Top Fashion Looks from VFW FW24
Patricja Plesiak at Vancouver Fashion Week FW24.

It celebrates the transformative power of fashion by showcasing a variety of styles ranging from avant-garde couture to streetwear trends, infused with various international influences. The event strives to unite cultures, inspire change, and embrace diversity in all its forms by giving the spotlight to models of every size, age, race, and gender identity to grace its runway.

Jamal Abdourahman is the founder and visionary producer of Vancouver Fashion Week. He is also responsible for extending the event to its sister company, Global Fashion Collective, which features in New York Fashion Week, Tokyo, London, Milan, and Paris. Jamal believes fashion is a universal language that can unite cultures and transcend boundaries. He is committed to nurturing creative expression and aims to position Vancouver as a worldwide premier destination for fashion enthusiasts.

Top fashion looks from VFW FW24
Ahblo, offers luxury baby alpaca pieces at Vancouver Fashion Week AW24.

This event is a shining example of the universal appeal of fashion and is not to be missed, especially for locals. VFW is igniting the fashion scene by bringing together a diverse range of creatives, fashion enthusiasts, and an eclectic mix of designers in Vancouver.

Come and join me as we walk through the top fashion looks from VFW AW24, where creativity has no limits and innovation reigns supreme. I invite you to experience the magic for yourself because, in the realm of style, the entire world is our runway. 

Top fashion looks from Vancouver Fashion Week FW24.
Salaises Zamarripa at Vancouver Fashion Week AW24.
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