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Sustainable Fashion Festival hosts the longest catwalk

EFWA’s Sustainable Fashion Festival plans to set a world record by hosting the longest catwalk, stretching 1.8 km at Busselton Jetty.

The Busselton Jetty, the world’s second longest and southern hemisphere’s longest timber-piled jetty, will be transformed into the world’s longest catwalk in November for Australia’s Sustainable Fashion Festival 24. 

Located in the heart of Western Australia’s South West, this month-long festival will host spectacular global fashion shows. Its goal is to promote eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable fashion.

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sustainable fashion festival 2024

Presented by Eco Fashion Week Australia (EFWA), this ground-breaking event will transform the Australian fashion landscape and redefine the industry. 

The event will draw fashion lovers, designers, and sustainability advocates worldwide to the festival in Busselton and Perth. Set against the stunning backdrop of WA’s South West region. 

The festival includes runway shows, artist’s talks and workshops, fashion art exhibits, an upcycling challenge, sustainable fashion, and art exhibits.

sustainable fashion festival 2024

Festival Director Zuhal Kuvan Mills says the event will provide a global stage for designers to present fashion in the new age of the Anthropocene, a term used to describe an epoch shaped by human activity’s impact on climate change.

“It’s been estimated that 92 million tonnes of textile waste go into landfills around the world every year,” says Zuhal. Cheap, fast fashion means people wear many of their clothes just a few times before throwing them out.

That comes at a huge environmental cost, and we urgently need to find ways to make fashion more sustainable.

sustainable fashion festival 2024 EFWA

The Sustainable Fashion Festival 24 will present ‘Closet of the Anthropocene’ to showcase the collections of more than 80 international and Australian designers who source sustainable materials and textiles to create unique pieces.

Mills is organizing her fourth Sustainable Fashion Festival in Australia, and Busselton Jetty is the perfect kickoff venue.

They look forward to inviting the world to join them on a sustainable fashion journey. Everyone can get involved, no matter their age, background, or fashion sense. You can learn more at EFWA.





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