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Porsche Turbo has a new stunning Turbonite crest

For almost 50 years, the Turbo models have held a prominent position at Porsche, representing the pinnacle of high performance in every model series.

To further highlight its exclusivity, Porsche Turbo is enhancing its appearance with an updated crest that features a new Turbonite colour instead of the traditional gold. 

This metallic grey tone was developed specifically for the Turbo and will be used on select exterior and interior components to give the Turbo models an even more distinctive look. 

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Porsche Turbo Turbonite

Porsche Turbo Turbonite

Porsche plans to introduce this differentiated branding across all their model series, starting with the new Panamera generation set to debut on November 24, 2023. 

Michael Mauer, Vice President Style Porsche, explains that the Porsche Turbo has become synonymous with high-performance top models since the first turbocharged 911 was introduced in 1974. 

Porsche aims to make the Turbo even more visible and distinctive, setting it apart from other versions like the GTS. The new Turbo aesthetic is designed to be consistent across all model series, with an elegant, high-quality, and unique appearance that sets the Turbo apart as a brand of its own.

Porsche Turbo S

An elegant metallizing effect

Porsche has introduced a new metallic tone called Turbonite, which is exclusively reserved for the Turbo models. 

The paint has been carefully composed by the Porsche Colour & Trim experts, with gold elements creating an elegant, metallizing effect and the top layer in a contrasting satin finish. 

The Porsche Turbo models will feature the Turbonite finish on the lettering on the rear, the Daylight Opening (DLO), as well as the borders of the side windows. Depending on the model series, further details such as the inlays in the front aprons, the spokes, or the aero blades in the light alloy wheels could feature Turbonite paintwork. 

Porsche Turbo

The exclusive crest of the Porsche Turbo models will now feature Turbonite as the dominant colour and will be present on the front, light alloy wheels, and steering wheel of all top high-performance models. 

Additionally, selected components in the interior, such as the trim strips and the belt straps, as well as several controls, including the mode switch and the air conditioning control panel, will come in Turbonite. The exact scope of Turbonite on these components depends on the model series.

Turbonite is also being used as a contrasting colour for the yarn on the seats, the door panel trims, the instrument panels, and floor mats in combination with a black interior.

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