Vancouver Fashion Week Showcase International Designers

Cooper Hotcooture Vancouver Fashion Week FW 2017

Day five of Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2017  drew in collections from the luxurious streets of England, Denmark, Japan, Luxembourg and Spain. All collections showcased stunning materials leaving the mind to explosive interpretations. Here are Vancouver Fashion Week top looks from Friday.

Cooper Hotcooture

Cooper Hotcooture collection pulls inspiration from its Luxembourg roots, offering a subtle sexiness. The brand builds on unique designs, handmade in Luxembourg, creating wearable couture meant for the everyday woman. “Made for her” fashion eliminates jeans and T’s with the replacement of chic and glamorous “everyday” clothing. There is a high culture feel with the clothing as the dresses float through the air. The fabrics and colouring is noteworthy as Cooper Hotcooture takes a high fashion approach. 

Above photo: Cooper Hotcooture | Simon Lau

Lesley Hampton Vancouver Fashion Week FW 2017

Photo: Simon Lau

Lesley Hampton

Lesley Hampton is a Canadian First Nations designer, founder, and creative designer of Lesley Hampton – The label. Born in 1994, Lesley nurtured a passion for the fashion industry and social-cultural issues from a young age. Today, she combines her studio and art history educational background with her ever growing technical skills to develop progressive and inspirational collections. Lesley was recognized by the Canadian fashion industry over the last year as she exposed numerous collections and presentations from coast to coast.

Daphne Wong Vancouver Fashion Week FW 2017

Photo: Simon Lau

Daphne Wong

Daphne Wong is an emerging fashion designer based in Perth. She was born in Malaysia in 1994 and studied overseas in Perth Australia in 2013, completed a Bachelor of Arts- Fashion in Curtin University of Technology in 2015.

After graduated, she continues develop and investigate more features in her design. She is aim to breakthrough the traditional pattern block and strikes to bring in a new trend of exclusive pattern making into the commercial fashion industry for the peoples’ everyday wear.

Tengri Vanclouver Fashion Week FW 2017

Photo: Simon Lau


Fabric heavy head pieces and textured jackets demand the audience’s attention as the Tengri models open Friday night’s show. Drawing inspiration from the first-hand experience of living in Khangai region of Mongolia, the brand brings a ready-to-wear and bespoke collection.

Tengri instills elements of eastern and western influences, made from Tengri’s Khangai Noblem Yarns® Pieces which celebrate the vanguard of British textile innovation and London creativity.

Nancy Johnson, the creator behind Tengri, centers her creations through sustainable and circular design philosophy, with soft, breathable and hypoallergenic Mongolian yak fibers. The universal use of patterns and knits allow this woodland forestry feel to appear in the clothes. The hues resemble that of the forest, and the clothes embark the appearance of nature. The path to her designer career is remarkable. 

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