Vancouver Fashion Week Gala FW 2017 Top Five Looks

Vancouver Fashion Week Gala FW17 Atelier Valeria Costa

Vancouver Fashion Week Gala is where we get a taste of what is to come on the runway for the next six days. Here are five designers from last evening that offered up some Style Drama!

Atelier Valeria Costa

Sophistication combined with comfort and quality. These are the bases for the work of Valeria Costa, a Brazilian designer based in Rio de Janeiro, who has been gaining ground among socialites, celebrities, and Carnival personalities.

Valeria Costa, in love with shoes and jewelry, chose to unite her two passions in her pieces. Soon Valeria also started to make couture, ready to wear, beachwear collections and costume design for shows and Carnival. This designer belongs to a traditional family of Minas Gerais and while in childhood learned the art of embroidery and sewing from her mother. Adding to her refined aesthetic sense, Valeria experience expands from fashion to costume designer in Brazilian television.

Vancouver Fashion Week Gala FW17 KO Katherin Olivos

Katherin Olivos

Katherin Olivos new collection “Elegant Woman” is to change the ideal of fashion, destroy the stereotypes and give the power to women. She wants to demostrate that it is not shape, sixe or age of a woman that matter, for a women is always elegant and beautiful. Olivos uses color and patterns to make every woman in Chile feel free and confident in her own body.

Vancouver fashion week gala FW17 Gatsbylady London

Gatsbylady London

Fashion designer Rojda Hoda created Gatsbylady to offer quality fabrics, unique hand embellished designs and the flexibility of fit.

Each dress is individual, effortless, fun and stretches for an easy fit, offering a size range from petite to tall range.

Vancouver fashion week gala FW17 Green Embassy

Green Embassy

Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is an Australian Visual textile artist and sustainable enviromentally conscious haute-couture fashion designer.

Green Embassy intensely celebrates the spirit of sustainability. They fuse zero-waste production, conscious ethics and ancient techniques with luxurious, sumptuous and alluring works designed to be passed down from generation to generation.

Zuhal is Australia’s most well known Eco fashion artist and she is also the CEO of Eco Fashion Week Australia (Perth).

Vancouver fashion week gala FW17 Wasso Vege

Wasso Vege’s

This collection boldly fuses Japanese traditional designs and motifs of WASO, with those of western culture to create an innovated and eclectic fashion. Wasso Vege’s is a line of clothing that was born in the culture of Japanese, but with the goal of cutting edge aesthetic and fashion while embodying traditional styles that has tens of thousands of years of history.

Vancouver Fashion Week Gala Photos: Kuna

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