Fashion Trends: Faux Fur Is Fall’s Luxury Cover-Up

Faux Fur Style Drama 2016

Wearing faux fur was the ultimate fashion sin of the 90s. The cheap polyester fabric screamed bad taste and indicated that you were on the wrong side of fashion history. Fur, after all, has been a part of our wardrobes since people began to clothe themselves. Now, for those opposed to fur but who want a fashion forward look, a solution to the problem of the tacky fakes of the past is here. Take a closer look at the collections of today’s European fashion designers and you will see that faux fur is now the hottest luxury look for fall.

For the past several seasons, leather outerwear has given way to puffer jackets – warm but not all that flattering. Thankfully, top designers are now embracing glamour with a warm and fuzzy new generation of faux fur fabrics.

New faux fur fabrics are a game changer

The look appears in the fall collections of Stella McCartney, Dries Van Noten and Sonia Rykiel. These designers are showing a convincingly real fur alternative. The plush and silky-soft 100 percent modacrylic is a fashion game changer for those who desire animal-friendly outerwear.

Recent technological advances in synthetic acrylic knitted fabrics offer luxury fashion designers a lightweight fake fur that not only looks and feels real but is also is playful and fun. Textile producers can now create curly, plush volumes of long hair in unique colors which is not possible with real fur.

Cool fashion forward look

Stella McCartney took advantage of these funky fabrics and showcased fuzzy vest, coats and hats for the upcoming season and Dries Van Noten started working with faux fur last fall. British label Shrimps now offers off the wall fake fur coats in prints ranging from bright pink and black stripes to floral-prints. These are unquestionably fake furs which may be the appeal as the use of real fur has always been controversial within the fashion industry and with consumers.

This new luxury faux fur chic is matched with designer prices; McCartney’s faux fur coats start at $2,700 while Shrimps jackets start at $600.

As this new style of faux fur both looks real and feels great, I see no reason why women shouldn’t forget about the 90’s and buy into the glamour of luxurious faux fur this winter.

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