Sense Spa: A Luxurious Wellness Oasis Above the Busy Streets of Downtown Vancouver

Sence Spa Saltwater Lap Pool Hotel Georgia

Sense Spa, Rosewood Hotel Georgia Salt Water Pool | Photo: Sense Spa

I remember many years ago, a college professor of mine stating in a lecture that technology would free us from our daily work grind. Despite his assertion, I’ve come to believe that many of us, far from being freed by technology, have become slaves to it. As I observe each morning that the majority of commuters are plugged into their mobile devices, I’m reminded of how pervasive technology can be. To escape – or should I say to unplug – I’ve decided to turn off my phone, tuck my laptop away and head off to Sense Spa at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia to treat myself to a luxury wellness experience.

Located at the legendary Rosewood Hotel Georgia, in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Sense Spa is a tranquil wellness retreat designed to restore your sense of peace and calm your mind in a relaxing atmosphere, disconnected from all the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

Sense Spa Pedicure Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Sense Spa Pedicure Salon | Photo: Sense Spa

“We are a bit hidden,” notes Lindsay Koropchuk Sense Spa Manager. “We call ourselves a hidden gem.” Born and raised in Vancouver, Koropchuk has a genuine passion for taking care of people. She began her career 14 years ago as an esthetician and, having worked her way up to positions in spa management, she leapt at the opportunity to play a role in the creation of Sense Spa at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

While, for many people, visiting the spa feels like a special occasion, Koropchuk tells me that for others spa treatments – much like weekly workouts at the gym – have become part of an overall wellness routine. As Sense Spa is located in a Forbes Five-Star hotel, it’s easy to assume that the majority of its clients are out-of-town guests. But that is not the case. Koropchuk and her highly trained team of nine therapists provide their services to a growing local clientele that is well versed in spa treatments and seeks only the best in customized spa wellness packages.

Sense Spa Reception Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Sense Spa Reception | Photo: Sense Spa

For skin care treatments such as facials, Sense Spa uses La Biosthetique Paris, a range of high quality products that can be customized for a variety of skin types. Koropchuk tells me that she and her staff all use the La Biosthetique skin care line at home and, given their high standards, that speaks volumes about the brand.

But massages are still the top treatment booked and their most popular offering, the Vancouver Signature Sensation body treatment which starts with a custom-blended mint and basil full-body scrub that melts away dry skin and leaves a subtle cooling sensation. Following that is a Vichy rinse during which five showerheads crisscross the body, much like a rainfall massage, to release tension, stimulate blood circulation and relax tight, sore muscles. Amazingly, this is all done without the client having to get out of bed. After a gentle drying, you’re treated to a full-body shea butter massage, using a signature oil blended from mint, basil, evergreen and a touch of lime, which reminds guests of Sense Spa’s pacific coast heritage and environment.

Sense Spa Relaxation Room Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Sense Spa Relaxation Lounge | Photo: Sense Spa

Now totally relaxed and refreshed, my Sense Spa session concludes at the private lounge. In my robe and slippers, enjoying a hot cup of tea and some healthy snacks, I really don’t want to get up and leave. But then who would write my story? Time to plug back in and rejoin the busy working world.

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