Australian Olympic Team Keeps Cool in Classic Seersucker


Photo: Hpeterswald | CC BY-SA 4.0

A few days ago the Australian Olympic Team revealed their Opening Ceremonies uniform which includes a sharply tailored mint green and white seersucker cotton blazer ideal for the hot and humid Rio summer and the festive spirit of the Olympic Games.

Athletic Heroes

The lightweight jackets have dark green tape on the braid, gold embroidered Australian Coat of Arms badges and burnished gold buttons featuring the Olympic crest. In addition, as a tribute to the Sunburnt Country’s athletic heroes, the names all of Australia’s gold medalists, past and present, are imprinted on the lining.

Classic and Elegant

Designed by Australian lifestyle brand Sportscraft, the Opening Ceremonies uniform features crisp white shirts, pants and skirts which compliment the seersucker jackets perfectly. Accessories include multi-colored scarves for women printed with the Southern Cross and yellow and green woolen knit ties for men. As a final flourish, stepping into the stadium, Australia’s Olympic athletes will be wearing special edition white shoes from TOMS. The overall look is classic and elegant, combining modern preppy style with classic fabric and tailoring.

British Colonial Period

Worn by laborers and servants who wanted to stay cool in the Indian heat, seersucker originated during the British colonial period. The fabric is created using an unique cotton weave that causes the thread to bunch together in some places, giving it its trademark puckered look. This alternating pucker pattern is what gives seersucker its cooling property, allowing the fabric to sit away from the body while offering greater air circulation.

Princeton Students

For the longest time, the public associated seersucker more with door-to-door salesmen than with the fashionable set. All that changed in the 1920’s when Princeton students began wearing seersucker suits to lawn and beach parties. Soon writers, Congressmen and even lawyers in the South started wearing them on hot summer days. What caused the seersucker suit to lose its popularity? The invention of AC in the 1950’s. In recent years, however, seersucker has been making inroads into the wardrobes of stylish men and women thanks to a resurgence of the preppy look.

Confidence and Poise

As any aficionado of the fabric can tell you, it takes confidence to pull off seersucker. For the Australian Olympic team athletes, knowing that they will be cool and comfortable during the Opening Ceremonies will give them all the poise they need.

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