Joey Dimz Custom Clothier flourishes with Downton Abbey

Joey Dimz Custom Clothier Vancouver

A revival of traditional bespoke suits by Joey Dimz, a Vancouver master tailor, is being driven by the worldwide phenomenon of Downton Abbey, a British television period drama that chronicles the aristocratic life of Lord Robert Crawley, his family and servants on their Georgian country estate during the early part of the 1900’s, and is a delightful harkening back to Edwardian England where wealth, manners and dress separated the upper class from the ‘common’ people. The term ‘bespoke’ is said to refer to when the cloth for a suit was said to ‘be spoken for’ a customer by the craftsmen working on London’s Savile Row in the mid-1800s.

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Above photo: Joey Dimz, Vancouver master tailor offers the finest wools, silks and cashmere from Italian and English mills including Huddersfield Cloth, who provide the fabrics for the costumes worn on Downton Abbey.

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