Murva strives for pure minimalism eco fashions

Murva Eco Fashion Week

Ivana Knezovic, Creative Director of Murva designs for a sophisticated, minimalistic, determined and virtuous woman.

Her very first collection titled Rust & Flow debuted at Eco Fashion Week Vancouver recently, which was very warmly received. All of her garments are made from eco friendly wool flannel, offering a dramatic modern style for women who care about the environment.

“The beauty of a women lies in her innocence and elimination of abundance,” say Ivana Knezovic. Currently residing in Croatia, she has lived in many countries from the United States, Canada to Switzerland.

Murva Eco Fashion Week

At Eco Fashion Week, her Murva collection made use of interesting symmetrical lines on the pieces including hemlines.

Many of her tops had capes, hanging from one shoulder or both, paired with slim pants or a skirt. A nice touch of stylist flare as the models walked the runway.

Murva Eco Fashion Week

I appreciated the draping from the shoulders framing a low cut back dress.

Murva Eco Fashion Week

One Murva dress had several parallel vertical cut lines on the backside. Structure with a hint of sexuality.

All of her pieces are custom tailored for each client, fair trade and made locally with the best quality fabrics with minimal impact on the environment.

Premiering her first Murva collection internationally at Eco Fashion Week demonstrates that designer Ivana Knezovic herself is both determined and virtuous.

Photos: Simon Lau

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