Paloma Sanchez: World of ultra luxury jewelry

Tanzanite crystal (28,8cts) from Tanzania (Collectors specimen) set in 18Kts white gold and Diamonds

Paloma Sanchez exquisite hand crafted jewelry of precious gemstones and diamonds gave us a rare view into the world of ultra luxury during Vancouver Fashion Week Fall Winter 2015 collection.

Precious gemstones and diamonds have always fascinated Paloma Sanchez. It all started at the age of 19 with her first visit to a diamond mine escorted by an Venezuelan Military General into the dense jungle of the Amazon River basin.

“I was fascinated by the miners themselves, some with no teeth and scars,” said Paloma Sanchez.

Above photo: Tanzanite crystal (28,8 cts) from Tanzania (Collectors specimen) set in 18 Kts white gold and Diamonds necklace.

Antique King Fisher feathers from China (Qin Dinasty), Australian pearls, square cut aquamarine, set in18kts gold.

Antique King Fisher feathers from China Qin Dynasty, Australian pearls square cut aquamarine set in 18 kts gold.

As a GIA Gemologist and jewelry designer, she scours the world for rare gems to create her one of a kind pieces of art – necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Exploring underground mines in remote corners of the world from China, Madagascar, Myanmar, Morocco to USA.

Breathtaking is the only way one can describe her jewelry collection. As she has the ability to meld gems in their rough form in her jewelry designs. But it’s her artistry of polishing gems, which brings out their fierce inner light and color that is truly brilliant.

Antique King Fisher feathers from China (Qin Dinasty), Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Arizona (31cts), Coral from Taiwan.

Antique King Fisher feathers from China Qin Dynasty, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Arizona, 31 cts Coral from Taiwan.

What is remarkable is that her jewelry design brings both the elegance of old world craftsmanship while capturing the exoticness of distant lands. No doubt each jewelry piece has a story, most likely from exotic and distant lands.

Originally from Madrid, Paloma Sanchez had been working in China for a Swiss luxury watch brand. After over 25 years of her love of gems, she decided to open her first gallery in San Litun, Beijing business district in 2009.

Paloma Sanchez art of jewelry

Paloma Sanchez crafts only 20 sets of jewelry each month, defining the art of ultra luxury jewelry.

At first, business was slow and soon realized that she needed to educate her clientele. So she began offering a private Gemology courses to the foreign diplomatic community, most notably Ambassador’s wives. Each class was limited to seven students which ran half days for four day over four weeks. Allowing them to bring in their jewelry to see exactly what their husbands gave them. From those classes, she was able to build her exclusive clientele which appreciated her craftsmanship and love of gems.

Crafting only 20 jewelry sets each month, Paloma Sanchez’s gallery is now found in Louis Vuitton’s prestigious city guide for Beijing. Recently, she opened a second gallery on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

“It delights me to see women of individual character wear my unique creations. My personal view is that jewelry should be as precious as the one-of-a-kind as they are,” stated Paloma Sanchez.

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