Gianni Maanaki Haute Couture

Gianni Mannski Haute Couture

Making women happy.

How does haute couture, elaborate and traditional hand made fashions with five-figure prices continue to thrive in a world of disposable fast fashion?

“It’s all about making women happy,” said Gianni Maanaki who is one of the most talented haute couture designers from the Middle-East.

Just before the holidays, I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive Gianni Maanaki haute couture fashion show, part of a star-studded fundraising gala in support of the Chimo Community Services at Birks Vancouver. Proceeds from the evening went towards building second stage housing for women and children fleeing domestic violence and abuse.


After the show, I spoke with Gianni Maanaki and you can’t help appreciate that romanticizing plays a part of his craft. For some men, seduction may be flowers, diamond jewelry or a luxury weekend getaway. For Gianni Maanaki, it’s hundreds of hand-sewed crystals on beautiful draped fabrics tailored perfectly to caress a woman’s body.

His exclusive haute couture collection dazzled Vancouver’s social elite with over 40 outfits showcased by 20 top fashion models. The look was colorful with plenty of rich red and gold fabrics along with several sexy black dresses for that extra special occasion. All embellished with Swarovski crystals, sensual lace and mystic sheer.

Designing for royalty

Born in Lebanon, Gianni Maanaki is a self-taught fashion designer who quickly became a rising star in the Middle-East. Creating exquisite one-of-a-kind fashions for celebrities to members of the royal families of Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar. He currently resides in Vancouver with an international cliental that stretches across the globe.

Sophisticated, luxurious and all grown-up

In France, haute couture is a trademark that can only be used by fashion houses that are deem eligible by the Ministry of Industry each year. Today, it’s practiced by fashion greats such as Givenchy, Christian Dior and Chanel. These collections are best described as sophisticated, luxurious, and all grown-up.

French haute couture is typically not available for sale, as they are often perceived as fine art by their creators. Romantic indeed.

All photos: Gianni Maanaki haute couture collection at a fundraising gala in support of Chimo Community Services at Birks Vancouver – Simon Lau


Gianni Maanaki-haute couture


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