Green Embassy captivates with couture fashions


Zuhal Kuvan-Mills of Green Embassy has always called herself “an artist that makes clothes.” Upon viewing her latest men’s and women’s S/S 15 collection at Vancouver Fashion Week a few days ago, she is going to have to get comfortable to being referred to as a couture fashion designer.

My first introduction to the eco-friendly Green Embassy line from Australia was last March at Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 14 show. Where she featured 16 exquisite women dresses and returned last week with a dramatic runway show of 38 pieces, worthy of any established European fashion house.

My fabrics become the messenger

Titled Connected to the Land, she refers to each of her fashion collections as a series, like paintings on exhibit at the art museum.

Her new line showcased the use of natural silks dyed with Eucalyptus leaves from her own farm in Perth Australia. With over 3800 species of Eucalyptus leaves and depending on the season when they are harvested, Zuhal Kuvan-Mills discovered that they transform her silks with different pigments, spring brought on green tones, where summer gave off light browns.

“I wanted my fabrics to become the messenger to bring us back to the land,” stated Zuhal Kuvan-Mills. Look closely at her silk fabrics and you will see that she selected leaves that had caterpillar bites or eggs used in her hand dyed process.

On stage her pieces feature captivated wearable sculptures that mirror natural forms such as, rocks, waterholes, earth and fragile leaf images.

Eco-minded couture line

With lighter fabrics such as silk and merino wool, she brought glamour with her dresses as they caress a women’s body beautifully.

What a difference a season can make in the world of high fashion, as Zuhal Kuvan-Mills will now be presenting her garments at World Fashion Week Paris the end of September.

She credits Vancouver Fashion Week along with all the media event coverage from last spring for captivating her onto the world stage.

Green Embassy has taken a leadership role in creating a more sustainable lifestyle, organic agriculture and fashion by using only the finest materials such as 100% certified organic Australian alpaca, merino, silk and other organic natural fibers.

Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is taking the fashion industry by storm, as an artist and a true couture fashion designer.

Above: Natural silk dress eco-dyed with Eucalyptus leafs by Green Embassy – Photo: Simon Lau


Long natural silk dress with white sculpture flowers by Zuhal Kuvan-Mills of Green Embassy – Photo: Simon Lau


Merino / Alpaca long dress artwork dress, hand-made and embroidered with glass beads by Green Embassy – Photo: Simon Lau


Certified organic cotton dress with floating stones – Photo: Simon Lau


Green Embassy at Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2015 – Photo: Simon Lau

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