Cultured sophistication by Iman Nakhala


Born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Montreal, Iman Nakhala spring summer 2015 collection at Vancouver Fashion Week brought us cultured sophistication with a relaxed silhouette.

“A fashion collection that focus on many cultures,” stated Iman Nakhala.

Described as traditional, avant-guard, meticulous and spontaneous, she has been influenced by her interest and experiences around a fusion of languages and cultures.

This love of culture combined with her artistic talents, lead her to integrate her passions into fashion design a few years ago.

Superb tailoring, prints and pattern making

Her fashion collection last Wednesday evening at Vancouver Fashion Week not only established her skills in fine tailoring, prints and pattern making. She introduce us to beautiful intricate prints from far away places, letting us know that live in a world rich in diversity.

The ready-to-wear collection consist of beautiful black lace dresses, fine prints on crepe and satin silk. A fashion graduate from the Academie des arts et du design in Quebec, she recently showed at Ottawa Fashion Week.

Iam Nakhala took us to a worldly-wise culture of fashion and brought it alive for us all to appreciate.

Above: Short cream gold silk/satin dress adorned with subtle decorative embroidering – Photo: Simon Lau


Maxi lace dress adorned with flowers. An embroidered band with red cotton thread is added to emphasize any women’s beautiful form and shape with a uniquely colorful embroidered jacket – Photo: Simon Lau


Cream gold silk/satin crop top paired with a black crepe skirt embellished with red and gold Palestinian embroidery – Photo: Simon Lau


Lace bandeau and fitted pants with hand stitched flowers and crystals. Topped off with a crepe jacket adorned in cotton thread Palestinian embroidery – Photo: Simon Lau


Iman Nakhala on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week – Photo: Simon Lau

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